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Tire Road Hazard Warranty Is it Worth The Extra Expense or Not?

Tires? Expensive enough without having to pay extra for road hazard warranty, but will road hazards prove to be worth the extra expense?

What is Road Hazard Warranty? Do You Really Need It?

by: Gene Grant

You are prepared to spend an average of $300 – $500 for new sneakers for you vehicle. It’s a maintenance item that is not optional and then the salesperson asks you if you want to purchase the Road Hazard warranty.

“It’s ONLY an additional $10 – $20 for each tire,” he or she says. So, you’re thinking, “Don’t my tires come with a warranty already?”

Great question! Most tires come with a warranty which covers workmanship and materials. In other words, the tire maufacterer covers things which are in their control, like defects. They are not interested in warranting the condition of the roads or your inability to hit debris.

This is where a Road Hazard warranty can save you money and aggravation. Road Hazard warranties are one of the best values, yet one of the most misunderstood benefits. Let’s start off by expalining exactly what is a Road Hazard warranties and how does it save me money?

Most Road Hazard warranties are set up to protect you, from paying full price, even if you happen to get a flat or even destroy a tire beyond repair. If you are fortunate enough to have purchased the warranty, you will only pay for the amount of tread that you used prior to the needed replacement. (This is called pro-rated).

Here is an example. Let’s say your tire is 1/2 way worn at the time of the flat. With tires averaging $100 each, your replacement cost would only be $50.00. Much better than full price, yes? Definitely – great value.

Typically, Road Hazard warranties will cover things like nails, glass, metal, stones etc. and almost anything else that could puncture or damage a tire. Some Road Hazrd packages provide a nationwide coverage, which are great for people who are traveling, or vacationing, because you now have peace of mind knowing that you are protected while away from your local area.

In addition, many Road Hazard warranties offer other benefits like free rotations and free balancing (check where you purchase your tires for all the details). Regular maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your tire and get as many miles as possible for your investment.

Next time you are ready to purchase tires, ask your tire dealer for the road hazard warranty. You’ll be glad you did.

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2 Comments on "Tire Road Hazard Warranty Is it Worth The Extra Expense or Not?"

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  1. George Bartlett says:

    Great stuff on Tire Warranty sure glad I bought it when I purchased my new tires very recently.
    But I have one question. With Road hazzard warranty
    and the company says it will replace the tire what happens to the damaged tire.
    Is it possible to buy this tire and use it as a spare or must the tire be sent back to the company who made it or does the garage who sold it to me keep it? What’s the standard call on a damaged tire.
    Just Curious!

    • Austin says:

      its been my experience that they will not sell you a defective tire back for liability reasons. You can probably find a “good” used tire at a junk yard though that will be a good spare, cheap.

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