Ford Super Chief Concept Truck

I live in Texas, and trucks are everywhere… it is hard for me to get excited about a new truck, but wow I was BLOWN away by this concept vehicle Ford is displaying at the Houston Auto Show in 2006.

It is a concept car, so of course I could not drive it….or even sit it in, but just from the looks of this truck…I want one!

The pictures I took do not do it justice, the lighting was poor and there were so many people crowded around it I had a hard time taking pictures.

It is long…very long, longer than a F350 I would say but much better looking of course. The tires and wheels are HUGE, the exact wheel diminsions are 24 inches.

The interior was gorgeous, hard word floors and awesome leather seats that resemble first class airline seats.

It also had 3 LCD TV monitors and a cigar humidor inside!

Very creative “Sky View Roof”
Floating instrument panel
2nd row reclining club chairs
Supercharged Tri – Flex V 10 Engine!

The Tri – Flex engine will be able to run on gasoline, hydrogen or E85 ethanol.

Ford Super Chief

Ford Super Chief Concept Truck

Ford Super Chief review

Ford Super Chief picture

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  1. Jana says:

    I really want one of these trucks!!! Why dont they make it and not just tease us with this stuff?

  2. Big Truck says:

    Amazing concepts…These are more than trucks..If this type of designs is the future of truck industry than no will like to buy cars…Out of this i like the ford super chief concept truck..It has new fresh design without the resemblance of its basic design..It is a concept car, so of course I could not drive it but just from the looks of this truck I want one..

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