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Car Dent Repair

Often car owners encounter problems like dings during shipping of vehicle. Then what might be the possible ways to eliminate them.

A ding to a car’s finish is easy to repair if you have a good auto ding repair kit. These kinds of ding repair kits are not very expensive; about $30 and generally easy to use and can be purchased at most stores selling car parts or car accessories.

Simply pull or remove glue from the surface on all panels of the vehicle and most of these cheap ding repair items for sale today are really working for this purpose if the dents or dings are not too big. For small and medium dents or dings, ding puller devices provides a simple, cost efficient removal. In most cases there is no need to access the underside of the dented panel

We see a trend today that more and more vehicle manufactures are using light gauge sheet metal in the construction of vehicles. In fact, it is not difficult to dent many new cars by simply leaning against them.

The nice things about these dent/ding out, glue puller kits are that they give the do-it-your-selfer’s and car amateur enthusiasts a professional option to expensive dent removal services.

There are also different kinds of ding or dent repair kit and each of them offers a tool for specific damage. So you must know which repair kit you need for fixing your specific problem.

This is no big deal however, because the only thing you have to do is to tell the sales person in the auto part or accessory store what you’ll need to do and he or she will find the dent fix kit for your needs.

To cover yourself completely, you can buy several of them, thus having a tool for any ding or dent problem your car might incur. If you purchase three different ding or dent fix kits, you’ll have what you need for all types of dent repair.

How to use these kits? Here is what you do:

* apply a bead of glue to the pulling nib

* affix the nib to the lowest area of the dent you’re going to fix

* the ding repair tool slips over the threaded stud

* a wing nut tool is threaded down pulling the metal up

* as soon as the dent is pulled out, a couple of drops of a release agent that normally is included in the kit is applied to the glue and the pulling nib will come right off.

These dent fix kits are inexpensive and easy to use and they will not damage your factory finish.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website Terje gives advice and helps people with automotive issues like finding cheap car parts online as well as car ding repair and other auto repair issues.

Whatever it is, whether it is ding repair or dent repair go for quality and fairness. Resolve these minor issues as early as possible.

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  1. Dings and dents are really unsightly to see on vehicles. It is really a good thing that new vehicles are now made with light gauge sheet that makes it easier to repair dents. Nowadays, there is no need to spend too much on dent repairs and even wait that long for these to be fixed. Great article!

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