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Aftermarket Train Horns For Your Car Or Truck – They Are Loud!

Train horns have become quite popular as aftermarket add-ons in the past few years.  Popularized by the massive proliferation of web videos featuring pranksters blasting their train horns close to unsuspecting pedestrians, people have been choosing to buy them for fun of their own.  Whether you’re shopping around for this add-on to play a prank, or simply want one as a backup horn to elicit attention in an emergency, there are certain things you should keep in mind when browsing for an aftermarket train horn.  Read below to find out what to expect, and what to avoid, when shopping for one of these novelty items.

Horn Quality
The quality of the horn you choose will affect aspects of both installation and performance.  For the best performance, choose a device with a higher quality compressor.  Train horns outfitted with superior air compressors have a better air supply, resulting in drastically improved response times compared to lower-end sets.  If you’re trying to get your car’s novelty horn to sound off in a timely fashion, it will be more difficult with a generic compressor.  Also, if possible, search for a sealed compressor unit.  Designed to block out moisture and dust, sealed compressors keep out the elements, allowing you to install the horn on the underside of your vehicle without worry.  Lower quality sets that aren’t weatherproofed are put at risk when installed in the usual space, typically behind the front bumper, underneath the car.

Sound Quality
People often seek out train horn add-ons for the purpose of authentically reproducing locomotive horn blasts.  If you want a kit that enables authentic sound reproduction instead of one that produces a poor sound copy, search for kits with higher decibel sound output levels.  Locomotive horns are loud and immediate, and to reproduce their distinctive blasts you must have a horn kit that emits sounds at high decibel levels.  If you notice a kit with a lower decibel level than normal, you may not be getting the sound quality you’re looking for.

Other Kit Selection Tips
When shopping for a train horn kit, you’ll want to look out for the following criteria as well.  A high quality horn kit should come with a warranty, something that more generic kits with less aptly designed parts won’t include.  Tech support is another item to look out for, as you may need help in deciphering proper installation techniques or resolving an issue with the piece you ordered.  Finally, don’t forget to seek out complete horn kits.  Partial kits won’t produce the sound quality you desire, and will require that you order individual components you must adapt to function properly together.  With a complete kit, no outside parts are needed, and the sound production will have been tested using all available components.

I am NOT sure if these things are legal so check first before installing

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