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2002 Toyota Corolla

Reader Question: Hi,

My 2002 Toyota Corolla 121 car was parked for about 8 months. Just kept, I started to use it. There is a problem with the engine oil. Oil, which was in the engine, has got curdled. I changed it but no use.

I used the Flush also; still there are some thick pieces. How do I get rid of this? I have only done 39,000 km so far.

I am in Sri Lanka. We do not have good mechanics to do this. Please help me.

I wait for your reply.


Hi Mohi,

If I understand your question, you have thick “gummy” “sludgy” motor oil inside the engine and have already flushed it out but some of it is still there? If this is the case, I would just keep flushing and keep driving the vehicle and changing the oil often AS long as there is no engine noise due to low oil pressure because of this build up of sludge.

You might never get all the sludge out of the engine without disassembling the engine and manually cleaning the internal parts. All I can suggest is flush the engine again with one of the over the counter “motor oil flush additives” you can buy at your local auto parts stores and change the oil and the filter often until the oil is clean and clear again.

Austin Davis

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