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1997 Chevy Cavalier

Reader Question: I have been told that a new fuel pump for a 1997 Chevy Cavalier is going to cost me at least $300, because of the special assembly.

I know that fuel pumps are usually $40-$60. Can you offer me an alternative to such a costly part?


Hey there,

They sell the fuel sending unit attached to the fuel pump along with a wiring harness…brilliant idea from GM…NOT! Good way to charge $300 for it though.

The sending unit is what tells the gas gauge how much fuel is in the tank. Sometimes they sell the pump as part of the sending unit, so you cannot change out just the pump…unless you find an after market pump and make it fit…that is probably easier said that done.

Here is what it looks like
Picture of Fuel Pump and Sending unit

I would call a few local junk yards and buy a used one if price is an issue.

Austin Davis

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