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1992 Nissan Maxima GXE

Reader Question: I have a 92 Nissan Maxima GXE Automatic. It is no after market or anything with key less entry, no remote. Everything was working fine. It has run only 69k. The car cranks and sounds acts normal other than it will not start.

I heard no fuel pump hum when the key was turned to on and checked the line, no fuel so I took it in to have the fuel pump replaced, did not work. They said there is also no spark. So, there is no power to the fuel pump or spark plugs and the security light blinks while the engine is being cranked.

I unplugged the theft fuses, no luck. I unplugged the key less entry control center, no luck. Ignition switch looks and feels pretty much ok but not totally sure.

It is at a second mechanic, towing is getting expensive.

Please help me.


Hi Gregory,

That is pretty rare to not have fuel and spark both. Usually that is some kind of ignition timing control issue like a bad distributor, crankshaft sensor, ignition module or pick up coil type of problem.

If the computer does not see an input from these sensors, it will not activate the fuel pump. I would start with the basics, check spark at the ignition coil then make your way to the spark plugs.

Same thing with the fuel pump, check for power TO the pump, follow it back to the relay, and fuse panel. All things MAY lead back to the computer. If you have another ignition KEY, I would try that first to rule out the security feature.

I am not very familiar with their security systems, but before you start replacing computers etc. etc. I would have the dealership give you a proper diagnosis.

Austin Davis

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