Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – is there such a thing on the Internet? Honestly, do you think I know who you are and what page you are reading? Well, I do….you are reading THIS page. hahaha! I got ya, come on admit it…….Sam, or Bill what ever your name is, move to the left a little so I can see your name tag.

I do not spy on you, read your every move or capture personal information about you……..UNLESS you sign up for my award winning weekly newsletter. Then and only then will I send you an email, once you give me your email and your first name. I do not spam people, or sell your email address or make fun of your address….some of you people have some really really really outrageous email address names. You know who you are.

This site does use cookies, and that is explained below. I do receive a commission for products and services I recommend BUT I would recommend those products even if I did NOT get paid. I recommend what I personally use or believe in.

Earnings disclaimer – I am not making a killing doing this I will tell you right now, no wait, let my wife tell you that….since she has to put up with me spending countless hours answering email questions for free from people all over the world.

I DO make a few pennies from sponsorships like those silly “ads by google” you probably see, and if you are kind enough…and savvy enough to check your insurance rates, I get a few pennies from that as well. Bottom line, I am just a normal guy who likes to spend all my time helping people for free, so now that you know……go check your insurance! My daughters need braces one day 🙂

So let me recap. I am NOT responsible for anything on this site, especially comments from other crazy readers, I am not making a killing with this site, and I spend way too much time helping people for free. Wow, I need to work on my business model.

Use this site at your own risk, brush your teeth at night, floss….I hate to floss, check your insurance once a year, change your oil – nope, scratch that, have your mechanic change your oil so you dont blame me for telling you to use the wrong oil, be nice to animals, buy my ebook and learn how to save money on your car repairs. Ok….that’s enough I feel better now, do you?


Cookies – sorry to say but yes, cookies are being used on my site BUT the main reason is advertising by Google and their Adsense Program. You can opt out of their Dart Cookies program by visiting the Google ad network here