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I can’t change the fact that everything is getting more expensive every day, but I CAN teach you how to easily cut your car repair expenses…starting today!

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Everything costs more than it did a few years ago, and the cost of maintaining our cars has skyrocketed too, and repair costs keep going up DAILY!!!

Labor costs alone are in the HUNDREDS of dollars per hour now in most parts of the US. Repair shops have to buy new diagnostic equipment to work on our complicated cars, all of their expenses are going up, and even increasing health care and insurance costs have to be passed on to customers.  It’s my job to tell you how to not pay those high prices…interested?

Readers are always asking me why repairs that seem so easy cost so much.

SO often, my response is, “Because YOU let them charge these high prices!”


You just need to know HOW and WHAT to negotiate!

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Let me show you how my insider knowledge can help you.

Do you have a current mechanic? Do you trust him? Do you know what to look for when choosing a mechanic?

Think you’ve already found an honest mechanic?

How can you be SURE?

PLUS LOTS AND LOTS of helpful pictures and links to help educate you on what maintenance your car needs and what it DOESN’T need. How do you know if you’re falling for services that you don’t need?

PLUS how to inspect a used car before you buy it –This information alone is worth HUNDREDS!!!

Let’s make sure you’re really prepared to deal with an accident in the event you or someone you love is ever in this stressful situation. Use this simple checklist to make sure you are prepared.

Myths And Mechanical Wisdom revealed in a simple approach

What Your Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know has helped thousands of drivers save money and protect themselves from dishonest tactics at repair shops. I have seen these same scams over and over again…let’s make sure they don’t happen to you.
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I am also including these 3 fantastic bonus items!

Free Bonus One: Don’t Get Scammed After an Accident

Learn how to deal with the insurance adjuster, towing company, and repair shop before you get stuck in this position. Dealing with an accident is such a headache!
Do you know how to negotiate depreciation, salvage value, supplements, betterments…? Learn what these terms mean and what they mean to your wallet. This easy-to-read eight page report contains over 25 years of experience in body shop and accident repair.
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Free Bonus Two: Stop Paying For Cheap Auto Parts

Even reputable mechanics have been caught charging for name brand parts and putting cheap parts on cars. It is an easy way to increase their profit margin. Read this quick report to make sure this switcheroo doesn’t happen to you!?
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Free Bonus Three: The “Everything Automotive” Ebook

This valuable resource is where you get to learn how your car works in simple language and pictures. Now you’ll be able to converse with your mechanic when he calls to say your ball joints need to be replaced. Note: Available in PC version only.
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Austin C. Davis
The Honest Mechanic

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