Legal – I am not a lawyer, and I’m not giving legal advice or in that matter am I giving YOU advice about car repair. I have answered TONS AND TONS of emails and have done my best to help my readers with THEIR car repair issues but everyone’s issue is completely different.

So what I suggest to one reader might not be what I would suggest to you. So you if blow up your engine, catch your car on fire, melt your tires, crack your rear cyclopes light bracket (no such thing :)) I can NOT NOT NOT be responsible for YOUR action.

I hope you like my site, and all the email questions that have been answered and I hope all my hard work was helpful to you. Please ask YOUR mechanic about my suggestions and ideas that I have given to previous readers if those suggestions will be beneficial to you and your situation. Have I made myself clear here? You use this site at your own risk, and if you fix your car I want all the credit. 🙂

Remember if you can’t fix it with a hammer you have an electrical problem.