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Without Car Insurance for Several Months

Reader’s Question:

I have not had the car for several months and I was just wondering if this will increase my car insurance?



Generally, several months of being without a vehicle, or auto insurance, won’t lead you to become a high risk to auto insurance providers. Driving experience is not measured as the period of time you have a vehicle but as the period of time you have had held your driver’s license.

When you’re with no continuous auto insurance coverage, you may, nevertheless, will lose out on discount rates. You won’t obtain a renewal discount, which means that your premium amount may well be more than it had been earlier when you terminated your car insurance coverage.

With a few auto insurance providers, you will pay a higher rate simply because they require continuous auto insurance coverage so that you can get a preferred driver rating. This does not cause you to become a high risk, only not a top-tier motorist into their rating method.

What can cause you to become a high risk is that if your period without having car insurance had been as a result of revoked license, a charge of dui or other major problem. Whenever there are severe conditions that made you not have a vehicle or insurance coverage, then auto insurance providers will look at you in a different way when you buy a vehicle once again and require insurance coverage.

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