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I Put Windshield Washer Fluid In The Radiator Coolant Bottle – What Should I Do?

Reader Question Hi Austin! I accidentally put windshield washer fluid in the coolant overflow tank in my son’s car! It is his first vehicle(1997 Dodge Avenger)It has about 100,000 miles on it. After I put the fluid in, he said the check engine light is on now! It shouldn’t have done any damage by my error should it? He is very upset with me and I need an answer ASAP!!!

Hey there,

You did not do any damage, although if you put in a lot of washer fluid….you probably should have the cooling system drained and refilled with antifreeze. This should not have turned on the check engine light, something else has done that.

Check Engine Lights

You made a mistake, but it is a small one. I get emails from people who have put oil in the brake system…….which is VERY costly.

Have a great day!

Austin C. Davis

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