Windshield Repair – Can You Do it Yourself?

windshield repairQuestion for you. I see these guys at the entrance to my neighborhood doing free windshield repair, do you think this is something I can do myself with a kit or something?

Trey Y.


Hi Trey,


You must live in my neighborhood, I see these guys everywhere 🙂  Your auto insurance policy might pay to have the crack or rock chip repaired, so that is why they advertise “free”, so check with your agent and see if you have coverage for it.

Now, doing it yourself is another issue. A few years ago we bought a windshield repair kit, a professional one and tried to offer that service to our customers. Either we are just idiots or there is a trick or knack to it that you have to learn.  We did not learn it 🙁

Personally I would just pay to have Safelight or one of those guys you see do the repair for you and not spend the money and frustration trying to learn the trade yourself for a simple rock chip.

Now, if you still want to try to do it yourself then take a watch of this video I found on Youtube, he sure makes it look easy.

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Austin Davis

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