Why You Should Check Your Brake Hoses On Your Car

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Automobile Brake Flush or Brake Bleed either way DO IT!
In the early 70’s I was driving about 35 or so on a Boulevard between El Monte CA and Pomona CA.

This paralleled SP Train track. Approaching train triggered the 4 ways Signal light and I immediately attempted to apply the brakes of my old Dodge Station Wagon. But nothing was happening, I wound up going through the Flashing Signal into the track shoulder gravel parallel to the railroad track and the oncoming Freight Train.

Thank God the shoulder of Train Track was very wide or I would have wound up on the tracks rails themselves. The moral of this experience for me is: if your brake pedal feels hard under pressure but you aren’t slowing down: get those brake lines checked.

Feel free to pass this on it might save someones life.


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  1. Cole says:

    It is a must to have yours cars checked regularly. All vehicles have a bad side to it so you have to get it checked to prevent any danger happening to yourself.

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