Why is My Car Running Hot

car running hotI have a Nissan Altima and it keeps running hot. It started in May with this problem. My dad has done everything he can possibly think of. He’s flushed the radiator, changed the thermostat numerous of times, got a brand new water pump, got another clamp for the hose, a brand new radiator cap, and the problem still exists.

I really need your help if you can and I understand that you can’t answer everyone’s email but I’m hoping that you get to mine and can reply back to me as soon as possible.



Well hello there Danielle


If you are constantly adding coolant to the system then you have a leak somewhere and need to have someone pressure test your cooling system.

If not adding coolant, then watch my video and see what you can narrow down

If the engine overheats mostly at freeway speeds then I would assume there is a restriction in your radiator and you need a new radiator…..flushing does basically nothing to remove rust at the bottom.

The reason why flushing does nothing, is because the radiator itself is full of small internal aluminum fins that basically make up a honey comb which the coolant must flow through. Since those fins are so small it does not take much rust or gunk to clog them up.

You might be able to flush the top 1-2 inches of the radiator with a garden hose, but not much more than that. Since the rust and gunk settle to the bottom of the radiator there is pretty much nothing that will get down there with any pressure to remove it.

There are some chemicals you can use to remove rust and calcium deposits, but again they just can not get to the bottom of the radiator to do any good. Top surface rust at the top of the radiator is about all that going to be affected, and limited affect at best.

If it overheats more at stops and low speeds then I would look at the electric cooling fan up at the radiator. That fan should cycle on and off as the engine warms up.

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