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Hi Austin, how are you today? I love your site and your newsletters. I have a super quick question for you. I was driving my Chevy Suburban today to pick up my kids at school and my left turn signal flasher started to flash real fast.  The right turn signal flashes normally, it’s just the left side. Any idea?



Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the kind words, glad my site has been helpful to you. I would bet the problem with your left flasher is a bad turn signal bulb. With the left turn signal on and flashing fast as it is, get out of the vehicle and check the front and rear turn signals and see if one of them (front or rear) is out and not flashing.  If you don’t see a flash in either the rear of front, take the lens assembly out and see if the blub is burnt out.  Replace as needed.

Check to make sure the housing that the bulb fits in is clean and free of rust and corrosion. Some older Chevy trucks and suburbans have a faulty bulb housing assembly and Chevy came out with a new and improved housing that should be used.

Hope this helps

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  1. Randy says:

    2005 hyundia tuson. Left and rt turn signal flashes fast front and back 4ways are normal can you help me? Thanks for your time

    • Austin Davis says:

      Usually that means a bulb is burned out, so double check all the bulbs first. If they are fine, I would try a new turn signal flasher.

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