Whining Noise From Engine

I came across your website through a helpful article on yahoo.com. I think I have a good question for you!

I have a Ford Ranger 2w/d and just recently started that when I turn the truck on it makes a good loud humming noise. It gets louder when I turn the wheel, or when I press on the gas. There’s also a very faint constant tone, not a beep, but it’s constant while the truck is running and usually it starts after the truck has warmed up.

We’ve checked the transmission fluid and everything seems fine. I know if I take it in to a dealership they will rip it apart and charge what I don’t have, so please help!!! We appreciate any help you can offer.

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Hi There, thanks for your email and question

You kinda have me stumped without being able to hear the noise.

1. I would make sure there are no vacuum leaks under the hood….open hood with engine running and listen for a hissing noise

2. Would check to make sure fan belt is not flopping around and vibrating

3. Would make sure the exhaust system is not loose or has a hole in a muffler or pipe, especially the small RESONATOR muffler towards the back of the vehicle….assuming it is equipped with it.

4. Would check the fan blade and fan CLUTCH attached to the fan blade. When the clutch is bad it causes the fan blade to spin to fast and its loud!!

5. I would check the power steering fluid level, and the pump operation itself. Low fluid or internal wear inside the power steering pump can cause noises like you mentioned.

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Austin Davis

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  1. Ron | January 29, 2011
  1. mike says:

    Many tech service bulletins relating to idle air control valves as well

  2. Richard Allen says:

    Hey, I noticed you said its like a humming sound, sounds like noise from the power stering can make a sound like that, and when you turn the wheel, it will get loader, it could be going slowly. just thought I would suggest, RAS

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