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White Smoke Out My Car Tailpipe

Think you might have a head gasket problem? Watch this short video to see.

Reader Question hi!! I have a problem and I want to ask you if you can answer me!(I am from Cyprus so my English is not so good I am sorry)

I buy a car before a month and yesterday I had for 4 seconds white smoke from my exhaust!i stopped the car and i smelled the smoke and it was oil smell!:(

but it was only for this time. What you think is the problem? I am really sad!!

if you can answer me plzzz

Hi there,

If the smoke was WHITE in color it could be from an internal antifreeze leak, like a head gasket or a crack in the engine.

Here is an article I wrote about exhaust smoke which might help you figure out what is happening.

Exhaust Smoke

I would get a cooling system pressure test done by your mechanic, this is cheap and easy to do and will tell you for sure if you have an internal engine antifreeze leak. If you DO have a leak, you might want to try this cheap and easy repair first before you spend lots of money on an overhaul

< a href=""> Head Gasket Repair Sealer


Austin Davis

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