When Should I Replace My Car Tires?

car tire wear patternsWhile I was walking in a parking lot the other day I noticed this tire (when you own an auto repair shop you are CONSTANTLY looking for repairs that need to be done on ALL the cars you come in contact with).

This tire at first appears to be in good shape and have plenty of tread life left, but that is wear (hehe – wear – not where) you would be wrong.

When inspecting your tires for potential wear problems you should always look at the lowest part of the tread, that will be the area that will “show steel” first.

The steel is from the steel belts under the rubber that give the tire strength. When the rubber wears down the steel cord or “belts” will begin to show and then it is just a matter of time before the tire blows or goes flat do to the air loss.

Watch my tire wear pattern video

In this particular case this tire is worn almost to the steel cord on the outside of the tire tread (wear – hahaha – I crack myself up – my finger is pointing) The rest of the tire tread looks really good, but unfortunately this car needs a new tire, and needs one now.

This tire will become dangerous very soon as the steel cord will begin to show. Do you see it, the worn out smooth edge that my finger is pointing to? That used to be tread, now it is worn off and is smooth…and just below that thin layer or rubber is the steel belts.

This tire probably got in this position due to a lack of front end alignments, something could be out of whack causing the tire to wear like this or it could be from taking corners too fast.

Believe it or not, my 81 year old grandmother would wear down a set of tires just like this one in now time…she was a hot rod, or just did not know how to use the brake. Hahah!

Sooooo, go out and check your tires today, look at the inside and the outside of the tread as well as the center part of the tire.

when to replace car tires

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