When To Replace Brake Pads

when to replace brake padsHey there Austin! I have a 2004 Ford F150 pickup, and I think it is time to replace the brakes and rotors, but how will I know for sure it is time? I have 78,000 miles on it now and have not replace either brakes of rotors before.

Hi Dan

There is really not a set time to replace brake pads and brake rotors, because there are so many variables to consider. How you drive, weight of your vehicle, do you tow anything, are you a two footed driver, city of freeway driving etc.

I would remove all 4 wheels and do a brake inspection. I would bet your front brakes are getting thin and is about due for a change at that mileage. As for the brake rotors, you can either have them “trued” (machined to make smooth again) or you can just replace them with new rotors.

The price of many small car brake rotors are really cheap these days, so replacing them might be a better longer term option than truing them.

Why? Because when you machine a rotor you are basically removing a small layer of the metal surface, which will cause the rotor to “warp” (not smooth) easier because the metal rotor will heat up faster with less metal than before. So, you might experience a brake shimmy when you apply the brakes, because of the warped rotors.

On your truck, which has a much heavier duty brake rotor than say a Honda Accord, you can usually true them once with out having a warping issue. So if I was you, I would replace the front brake pads and true the front rotors.

The rear brakes tend to last twice as long as the front, because the front do most of the braking so I would assume your rear brakes will be in good shape still at this mileage and nothing will need to be done now.

Hope that helps

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  1. Kim Stewart says:

    Hello I am wonder where I can go to get my 2007
    SXT Dodge Charger for basic repairs that are
    such as , breaks , oil changes etc. with out getting
    ripped-off buy Dealerships!
    Any HELP would be greatly appreciated.
    I live in the North York area of Toronto.
    I hope you can lead me into a good honest Mechanic.

    Sincerely Kim Stewart.

    • Austin Davis says:

      Hello Kim. I live in Houston Texas, and unfortunately do not have a contact to share with you in your area. Just about any local repair shop should be able to do your general maintenance on this vehicle, cheaper than the dealer. Can you ask your friends/neighbors/co workers etc. who they recommend?

      I would also try out a repair shop with a simple item, like a tire rotation and balance…which will also include a free brake inspection. See how you are treated, what repairs they recommend and why, and at what cost. I would cap my first visit to about $100 or so, then if you like them go back for other small repairs like an oil change and see if you are treated the same way. Not all mechanics are out to get people 🙂

      Hopefully you signed up for my newsletter and got a free copy of my ebaook, which should be very helpful to you.

  2. Irene Szotak says:


    I have a 1999 Mercury Sable LS/LS
    and when I push the break pedal it is very louse goes to the floor and break light comes on.
    The rotors was replace with new ones 1- year ego.
    I drive very little just to get grocery 1/2 km. twice monthly .
    I’ m a 79 year old lady.
    I think its need brake pads how much that would cost?.

    Can you give me the cheapest place in London Ontario?.

    Irene Szotak

    • Austin Davis says:

      Can you or get someone to check the brake fluid level inside the brake master cylinder….I bet its low, and if so you might have a leak that needs to be found and repaired. Here is a quick video showing how to check it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jU8JIfDwIU

      If you have to add more than 1/4 cup, I would have all 4 wheels removed and checked for a brake fluid leak. If the fluid is FULL, you probably have a brake master cylinder that is bad, it is located under the brake fluid reservoir.

      Sorry, I don’t know anyone in your area to refer you to, but a friendly neighbor should be able to help with the fluid inspection.

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