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I have a 2009 Nissan Pathfinder SE with about 26, 600 miles. I recently had to replace my original battery (the battery that I bought in the car) two months ago. Unbeknown to me, the battery was leaking acid so badly that the acid ate through the terminals causing the battery to not start.

I bought a new battery two months ago. Once again, I did not know that the battery was leaking/seeping acid. A mechanic told me the battery is over charging. It is probably an electrical problem causing the batteries to leak acid. What do you suggest?


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The mechanic should be able to do a very simple electrical test to determine if the alternator is OVER charging the battery or not. It could be possible if there is an internal alternator problem, but he should be able to see that easily and determine if that is happening.

This is probably still covered under the factory warranty at the dealership, regardless where you bought the vehicle. So, I would recommend you take it to the dealer and have them check the charging system, I.e. the alternator output.

You MUST rinse off that acid spill area though with water and baking soda or it will do severe damage to wires and metal parts in that area.

Take a box of baking soda and heavily cover the battery, and UNDER the battery on the tray, and on the wires and anything else in that area that might have gotten acid on it. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse lightly with water.

The soda/water will stain concrete so do it in the street or grass or pay a mechanic to do it for you, but you must do this ASAP. I have seen $1000 worth of damage done by a leaking battery.

Hopefully this is a warranty issue with the alternator and will not cost you anything out of pocket.

Reader Follow Up

Thanks for your assistance. The technician informed me that the acid caused a bit of damage to my vehicle. He suggested I purchase a Nissan battery to install in my vehicle. They want to show me the damage. I will find out Thursday what the cause and reason for “two” batteries to leak/seep acid. Because if the problem has not been detected, the brand name of the battery that will be installed will not matter.

Do you think I can go to Autozone and get a refund and/or credit for the Duralast battery that I recently purchased (less than two months)? I will have documentation from the Nissan dealership and the technicians to verify the damage caused by the battery purchased from them? Can you take precautions to lessen or eliminate acidic corrosion on a battery? As usual, I thank you for your attention, assistance, and advice. I value your expertise.

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Autozone is pretty good about refunds, so that will probably not be a problem. I would definitely neutralize the acid spill area with baking soda like I mentioned last time and would get an electrical test of the charging system.

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