Ther is Water On The Floor of My Oldsmobile Regency – Why?

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Dear Austin,

I have a 1992 Regency 98 Elite Oldsmobile and it started getting water inside on the driver and left back passenger floor a couple of months back. I notice tonight that the water is now starting to accumulate of the right back passenger floor. Can you tell me what it is that I’m having to deal with now? Any help would be appreciated.


Hello There Daphne,

I would inspect the “A/C evaporator drain” and make sure it is not clogged up with leaves or something. The drain is located on the passenger side in the engine compartment usually below the a/c blower motor. Looking at the passenger side under the hood, you can usually see a short pipe sticking out of the evaporator case on the fire wall of the vehicle. Your mechanic can take his air blower and blow air inside the drain hole to unclog it.

If the a/c drain is NOT clogged up, I would inspect the undercarriage of the vehicle for a drain plug that has fallen out of the body and allowing rain water from the road to splash up inside the vehicle.

Austin C. Davis

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