Water is on the Passenger Floor Of My Car – Why?

Reader Question I have a 1996 achevia every thing seem be working OK. for some reason I have water in my floorboard I clean it out but it comes right back

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Feel the water with your hands, if it is clear and cold plain water, then you probably have a stopped up A/C evaporator drain. Leave and debris can clog the drain and cause the water to leak inside the car usually around the center of the dashboard instead of outside on the passenger side like it should. Your mechanic can blow air into the drain to help remove the clog. Usually simple and cheap.

If the leak is smelly and oily feeling on the passenger side, you probably have a leaking heater core which is leaking antifreeze inside the cab of the vehicle. Sometimes the windows will fog up and have a sweet smell to it. Your mechanic can either replace the heater core, or he can “by pass” the heater core for now until cold weather comes…then it will need to be replaced for your heater to get hot.

Let me know what you find out.

Austin C. Davis

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  1. Nicole R Smith says:

    Thank you!!! This makes total sense, someone told me it was my heater core, but my heat works fine, the water is clear and tasteless(water)so it must be a clogged A/C evaporator.

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