Water Leaking From Car

My girlfriend has a 1978 Cadillac coupe and had the heater core replaced. It leaked clear water just sitting out in the weather after repair.  She took the car back 3 more times to reseal system but still leaking. Any other ideas why besides ac drain clogged? It never leaked before.Any help would be


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if its clear water, then a water leak in the windshield gasket, or rust around the windshield could be the problem. Take a garden hose and spray the outside of the passenger side area real good as someone is inside the vehicle looking for a leak.

A clogged AC drain will also drip COLD clear water on the passenger floor area. You can sometimes take a compressed air hose and blow up into the drain under the passenger side of the vehicle to clear the clog.  If this happened after the heater core was replaced, they might not have the AC drain hooked up?

Here is a video showing you how to clean the A/C drain yourself

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  1. shawn says:

    Hi, I have a 78 coupe deville and i have a water leak too but it is due to rust all the way around the hvac unit where it bolts to the firewall. to properly repair that you will have to pull the dash and take the hvac unit out to repair the rusted firewall and while you are at it, you should check the floor pans for rust.

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