Washing and Waxing your Car

Keeping your automobile looking good does not need to be tough. Even an old vehicle may appear like completely new with daily care.We have all witnessed those collector vehicles who have never been repainted. Your automobiles paint may look so good years from now as well.

Washing Your Vehicle

Wash your vehicle at least one time per month. Limestone, insects, bird droppings – they could all leave long lasting unsightly stains on your paint if they are not washed off. The moisture rapidly dries on a clean vehicle however when the vehicle is dirty the moisture builds up in the dirty places, which can result in corrosion. It is better to make use of a wash product made for the paint on your car.

At least from time to time it’s also wise to use a pressure washer. Those at the coin car washes are very effective. The pressure washer can get rid of dirt from hard places. Do not place the pressure water too near to the paint since it may cause peeling.

Waxing Your Vehicle

Wax your vehicle frequently. The wax makes your vehicle nice and shiny also it safeguard the paint from fading, environmental elements, and discoloration. It requires only about an hour or so to wax a whole vehicle. A top quality wax can last around three months. By waxing your vehicle simply 4 times per year you are able to keep the paint appearing like new.

There are numerous of wax products available on the market. So numerous that it may be overwhelming trying to choose. Sticking to a carnauba car wax is a great option. It provides among the best protection, is simple to use, and holds up well.

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