What is The Best Way to Flush The Radiator in My Volvo?

Reader QuestionDear Austin, I enjoyed you web site and especially page 146 of you All about oil article. How do you add radiator flush to a 1987 Volvo. I’m tempted to pour it down the upper radiator hose – and then run the car for 10 minutes


Hello Del

Thanks for your email and your kind words. If you want to add a can of radiator flush to your engine you can do as you suggest, use the upper radiator hose and use it like a funnel, that will probably be the easiest and the “cleanest” way to do it.

If the drain cock on the radiator is hard to turn, I would drain the radiator via the lower hose instead of risking breaking off the drain cock or causing a leak due to a bad seal when you try to tighten it back up.

Austin Davis

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