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Valve Cover Leak On 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

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I drive a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix gt a transverse engine (side mounted). I know the front valve cover is seeping but I think the rear is a leak…but I’m not sure the reason I believe it is, is that i smell a burning odor when its running and I noticed oil around the oil pan and running down the back of the motor I’ve had the rear main seal and oil pan gasket replaced a year ago.. what do you think?

thank you Terry

Hey there Terry,

Finding the source of an oil leak can be tricky! I always start by cleaning the engine of oil using a few cans of CRC BrakeKleener… yes, brake cleaner works best….its non flammable and dries instantly. Clean the engine of oil and run it for awhile to find the leak. Make sure the PCV system is working properly, excess internal engine pressure can cause stress on the gaskets and seals.

Before you replace the valve cover gasket, try running a wrench on all the mounting bolts and snug them down. Valve cover bolts can loosen up over time.


Austin Davis

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