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Used Hyundai Car

Reader Question: Hi,

I have a Hyundai and it is failing on the emissions check. The oil filter and exhaust have been looked at and it is still the same!

Is the only other solution to change the Catalytic Converter? If this does not work what else could it be?


Hi Nicol,

To be very honest, you really need to find a trustworthy and competent mechanic for this situation. There can be many things could cause you to fail the emissions test. And, yes, a bad catalytic converter can be one of those items. However, you really do not want to just guess at parts to replace in this situation.

If the emissions test is like ours in Texas, you get two chances to pass for your first fee then you have to pay the fee again to retake the test.

So, you have one freer test, and if you guess incorrectly not only are you out the money you paid for the guessed repairs but you will now have to pay for another emissions test.

These types of problems can be tricky to repair so make sure the shop you visit has the proper emissions testing equipment and the skill to diagnose this kind of problem.

I have the same emissions testing machine in my shop as the state inspection/emissions facility uses so I can be sure your vehicle will pass once you leave my shop.

Austin Davis

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