Transmission Repair – Need an Overhaul?

transmission repairMan, I need your assistance today please. My 2005 Ford F150 transmission just totally gave up on me today and will not pull itself out of my garage.

I have checked the transmission fluid level and its good and full, and I changed the fluid and filter last month because it was slipping and thought that would help it. Today, seems like it just flat out quit on me.

I had it towed to my local transmission repair shop and they quoted me $2900 to overhaul it and 5 days to do the repair. Do you have any other advice to give me?

Alan P.


Hey There Alan,

Yep, if you have the transmission fluid full and you already changed the fluid and filter and you can feel the transmission slipping (engine racing but not moving) then you probably do have excessive internal wear causing the problem.

In hind site, when you have a transmission slipping issue it’s best NOT to change the fluid and filter. Why? Because that old fluid was gritty like liquid sandpaper and was adding needed friction to the internal clutches to pull the vehicle. You removed the grit and added slick fluid which does not produce the friction needed on those worn clutch parts.

So what to do now?  Well having your transmission overhauled by the local shop is one option BUT I would rather spend a little bit extra money and buy a rebuilt transmission directly from your Ford dealer parts department.

Why?  Because in my opinion you will get a better transmission and you will have a nationwide warranty available at any Ford dealer in the U.S.

I also love the fact that it comes in a crate already filled with transmission fluid and ready to install. Your local mechanic can install it for you in a few hours or you can do it yourself if you are inclined to do so. It is basically remove the mounting bolts, linkage and transmission fluid lines and bolt on the new one.

Like I said its a few $100 more but its done in a day and you get a much better warranty, and from Ford. This is what I would recommend and what I recommend to my customers as well.

Please share this with your friends,

Austin Davis


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