Toyota Rav4 – Front End Makes Noise On Turns

Dear Austin,

I own a Toyota Rav4 – 1999 model. Of late I hear a screeching sound from the tyres while taking a turn. I showed it to my mechanic. He visually checked all the bushes and says they are in good condition. He feels the sound is
because of uneven wear of the front tyres.

His suggestion is to interchange both the front tyres with the rear tyres.

What in your opinion could cause this type of problems.

Thanking you for your time.



Hello Mate

You can try what your mechanic is suggesting, it won’t hurt anything. I feel however that the problem is the front end is out of alignment, causing the noise. Have the alignment checked.

You might also want to check the tire pressures and make sure they are correct.

Austin C. Davis

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