1989 Toyota Pickup Over Heated Now Runs Bad

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1989 Toyota pick-up 22r engine. Engine ran hot. I drove it home stopping to let cool many times. Changed thermostat. Worked good but a whining noise, when I first started it, came from the front of the engine.

Day 5 I am driving it to work. Some clattering noise coming from engine, 15 minutes later, overheating, I stop when I can, pull my oil dip stick it is frothy, I am thinking water in my oil. I try to drive to work. It goes dead.

Oil light comes on. Smell the dip stick, it smells more like gas. Facing the engine the front left side looks as though the same gas/oil has spewed out under the hood. Advice?


Hi Markam,

I would be highly suspect of a head gasket failure or some other internal coolant leak. First, get a cooling system pressure test done to confirm that there really is an internal coolant leak.

Then you might want to try this over the counter cooling system additive and see if you get lucky…..or if you need to remove the cylinder head and get a valve job done and replace the head gasket.

Here is more information about the head gasket repair additive I like best.

Head Gasket Sealer

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Austin Davis

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