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1989 Toyota Corolla Won’t Start Sometimes But Just Clicks

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Dear Austin,

I have problem here away from usa. I have toyota corolla 89 well maintained, i try to turn the key to start the engine i hear a click keep on doing no start. i turn the key off and change the gear then put in parking or neutral and engine starts. is there any electrical connection with gear. Please advise.

Thank you,

God bless you for providing services.


Thanks for your email Ali

Yes there is a neutral safety switch located on the transmission that will not allow the car to start in gear. If the switch fails, it does not know that the car is NOT in gear, so it kills power to the starter motor. You might have a problem with that, your mechanic can check it for you and see if there is problem.

Other things I would look at:

1. Weak battery
2. Loose or corroded battery cables
3. Loose connections to the starter motor
4. Bad starter motor


Austin Davis

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