Toyota Camry Won’t Start – Is It A Bad Battery Or Starter Motor?

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I have a Toyota Camry v6 with 180 thousand miles on it.  Besides getting the oil changed I have not done much else to it.  For the last several months it has trouble starting in the after it has been sitting.

The engine doesn’t roll over.  I have been told that the solenoid is going bad.  I don’t have the funds right now to take the care to the shop.  I have been quoted 500 to 1200 for this to be fixed.

With directions can this be changed by an inexperienced person (me) and my husband who could watch and help but has become disabled and can not do much manual work anymore.  Or is this a job that only an experienced mechanic can do.

Also is it possible to just change the solenoid or does the entire starter have to be redone.  Thank you for your time.  I can’t afford a new car but since my husband has become disabled I have to have reliable transportation to get him to hospital at moments notice and we have a baby.

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Hi Emily

I would find another shop and get a second opinion.  You could have a battery problem or possibly a starter motor problem…I am assuming they are talking about replacing the starter motor solenoid, which is part of the starter motor and will be replaced when the starter is replaced.

I would guess at a starter motor replacement to be about $450 parts and labor.  This is something a mechanic should do for you.  You can also have your starter rebuilt which will save you some extra money if you have a starter and alternator shop in your area.

Austin Davis

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