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Toyota Camry

Reader Question: I own a Toyota Camry and it is not getting any fire to the distributor. I was wondering if since I can use someone else’s key before to start it, if it could be my ignition switch?

It sounds like battery is dead or almost dead or out of gas that “eer” eer” noise. But put heat in before the gas and let it sit over night and got a brand new battery, it still won’t start and does the same.

Do you know what it could be?


Hey there Barbi,

I am kinda confused here. Are you saying there is no spark coming out of the distributor or there is no power going TO the distributor?

You mentioned the battery was slow to turn the engine over like it was a bad or weak battery. That should be a separate issue… right? The car now has a new battery and the engine WILL turn over and over and over but just not start…correct?

If the engine WILL turn over and over but not start, I would check to see if there is spark at the spark plugs, if no spark, check to see if there is spark coming from the distributor. If no spark, you might have a bad distributor or igniter inside the distributor. I would remove the distributor cap and inspect the cap and the ignition rotor.

If the engine spins over much faster than it used to and sounds funnier than it used to you might have a broken timing belt. Remove the oil filler cap and have someone look inside with a flashlight AS you crank the engine over.

If you see things moving up and down inside the hole, your timing belt is probably ok. If you do not see, anything moving up and down, your timing belt might have broken…and you will not have spark at the distributor because the belt is not turning the distributor.

Austin Davis

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