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Toyota Camry Overheating – Do I Have a Blown Head Gasket?

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Hi there,

I have a 1994 Toyota Camry that started overheating about a week after I bought it. It only does this at idle speeds. I had a pressure system check done, a new thermostat put in, and a new cooling fan installed. It stopped overheating for a couple of weeks, but then started doing it again.

One mechanic I took it to thought it was a blown head gasket, the other said he wasn’t sure if it was the head gasket, but put in the fan and thermostat. I have to add new coolant/water to it about every 3 days, and it takes about half a container each time. If I neglect to fill the radiator up it will overheat.

I never see anywhere that is leaking, and when it says its overheating I always pull over and inspect the engine and it does seem pretty hot. I have new radiator caps on and every time I take it for a pressure test they say there is no leak. Its driving me insane! I cant figure out what to do about this car! Any suggestions??
Thank you so much!

Howdy Laura,

You HAVE a coolant leak somewhere. I would highly suggest you go to the dealership or another mechanic and have them pressure test the cooling system….if you are adding coolant on a regular basis, there has to be a leak in the cooling system. The pressure test should also determine if you have a head gasket leak….but you did not mention anything about white smoke out the tailpipe, running rough or a check engine light coming on….I would expect to see those symptoms with a head gasket leak.

I would triple check the cooling fan is working correctly as well. Usually overheating at idle or slow speed complaints are related to an electric cooling fan that is not working. Get out of the car with the engine running when the engine is overheating, you should hear the cooling fan running up near the radiator if it is working correctly.

If for some reason a head gasket is indeed suspected, you might want to try this cheap over the counter head gasket sealer you can buy at any local auto parts store. I talk about this in more detail on these pages

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

Head Gasket Block Sealer

Hopefully it is something relatively simple and easy to repair. Keep me posted please.

Austin Davis

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  1. crystal says:

    I have a 1998 camry that over heats when idling or at slow speed. If going at a faster speed it don’t over heat i have to add water to it at least every 3 days but not even a coffee cup full. have check the thermostat and radiator. that is not the problem does anyone have any suggestions….

    • Austin says:

      You probably have a bad electric cooling fan motor up near the radiator. The fan should come on and off as the engine heats up. The engine must have this fan on at stops especially with the air conditioner on.

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