Can Adding too Much Gas to My Car Cause the Check Engine Light to Come on?

Reader Question Dear Sir,

I have a customer who is complaining that she had to get her car repaired because she had a “check engine” light on after pumping gas at our facility. She complains that this “Check engine” light came on because she had overflow of gas from her tank while she was pumping gas at our facility due to a defective nozzle.

The car is 2007 Toyota Camry. She took this vehicle to dealership place because of the said “Check Engine” Light. The technician changed the charcoal canister assembly and filters etc., The diagnostic codes are P043F, P2401, P2402 and P2419.

I would greatly appreciate if you could enlighten me if there is any possibility that gas pump nozzle through which she claims she pumped gas in my facility did not click off properly when the gas tank is full would causing overflow of gas into this vehicle evac system and can causing damage to the car entailing in the above repairs. I would greatly appreciate your expert advice before I pay this customer.

Thanking you in advance for your help.


I have never heard of it before…I guess it COULD be possible, doubtful but possible, In any case, Toyota should repair it under warranty. How can they be for certain that it was YOUR fault…..I seriously doubt they can, and I doubt they will really try. You might have your nozzle inspected….and you yourself should test it filling up your car. I would bet she tried to top off as much as she possibly could, and even then I don’t know that toping off will cause those codes either.

That’s a lot of codes….which is FISHY to me. I would stand my ground, I personally don’t think you are at fault, but I am no lawyer either.


Austin C. Davis

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