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Tire Wear

The car is indeed a well-oiled machine, getting you from point A to point B in the quickest way possible. That is why errors in one or two of the components of the car can wreak havoc on it significantly. The tires make a great example of this, specifically tire wear. The wear that you can see on the tire can be indicative of a lot of things about your car, such as the weigh distribution, tire alignment, and other problems or situations that your car has gone through. There are many things that your tires can say about your car indeed.

Some common tire wear patterns can indicate a problem with certain parts of your car, or the tire itself. One such problem is over inflation, which is most commonly the case with tires that seem excessively worn down in the center in such a short period of time. This indicates that there is too much pressure inside the tire and is pressing itself too hard on the ground. The opposite can be said about under inflation, whereby it is the outer tracks of the wire that seem more worn down than the center.

Another indication that can be seen in tire wear is the alignment of the tires themselves. This can be seen mostly when either the inner or outer rib of the tire is more worn down than the other parts of the tires. This is indicative of an improper alignment of the wheel, which tells you do fix it immediately.

These are just some of the problems from looking at tire wear. So when you think you have a problem with your car, just check your tires and see if the wear is indicative of something.

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