Tire Wear Patterns and Symptoms

tire wear patternsI get asked a lot to look at people’s tires, like friends and neighbors.  I am constantly looking at the tires of cars in parking lots when I park my vehicle just out of habit. I always inspect the tires of my customers when they bring their vehicle in for anything. I want my friends and customers to be safe!  Most drivers never take the time to look at their tires, let alone get on their knees and really inspect them for improper wear.

Since I was asked about a tire wear problem a reader had I decided to make this short video of a vehicle that I found.  I hope this helps answer some of your questions and gets you to take a minute to inspect your own vehicle for any possible safety or excess wear that might be happening.

Tire Questions People Ask Me:

Q. Which tire brands are best?
A. I am a Michelin guy, and I prefer to buy them if possible

Q. How often should I rotate my tires?
A. I like to rotate them every 4 oil changes, or 12,000 -15,000 miles

Q. How often should I balance my tires?
A. I like to balance the same time I rotate, every 4 oil changes to prolong the life of the tire

Q. What air pressure should I keep my tires?
A. Depends on the tire, it should be stamped on the sidewall and/or on the sticker on your inside driver door. Usually 32-34 PSI

Q. Will worn out struts wear out my tires?
A. Rarely do I see that happen. If the tire is bouncing violently on the freeway because the strut is extremely worn out, sure, I agree with the fact the strut is the cause of the tire wear…otherwise not.

Q. Can I only use wheel weights on the inside of the wheel, they are ugly to look at?
A. You can, and sometimes you have to, but its harder to balance a wheel just using weights on the inside.

Q. Can I replace 1 tire at a time, not all 4 at once?
A. Sure, it’s your car 🙂 I would recommend you buy in pairs, either 2 fronts or 2 rears if you are not able or do not need to replace all 4 at one time.

Q. Should I put the best tires on the rear or front?
A. It is recommended that the best or newest tires go on the rear to prevent hydroplaning around turns. Although, personally….personally…I like the best tires on the front, because that is where the majority of the stopping power is coming from. Most car accidents happen when its NOT raining, I want to be able to put the most rubber on the road in the event of panic stopping on dry roads. That’s just me 🙂

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