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Tips to Buy Travel Car Insurance

While traveling abroad on business or on holiday, it is always a good practice to be covered with Travel insurance. However, travel insurance is usually confined to health insurance coverage only. If you plan to drive a car on your travel abroad, you will need to consider car insurance.

In some countries, it is not necessary to have car insurance. Nevertheless, it is still recommended. You will need an international driver’s license before you can rent a car or get insurance on it.

Check your existing car insurance policy for the coverage if you are a frequent flyer to other countries. Ask your insurance company if they can include exactly what you want in your existing policy. This is one of the best ways to get insured.

It is good to contact your credit card companies to see if you qualify for insurance for driving abroad. Some credit cards company like American Express and MasterCard cover you for car insurance when you are traveling abroad and driving a rented vehicle you charged on your credit card. Check if there is a fee involved and shop for rates with all your credit cards you have.

Adding car insurance for driving in a foreign country while buying your travel insurance. Check the difference in the premium and compare it with the fees you would pay if you got all your insurance needs through your credit card.

If renting a car from a rental car agency, check if the rental of the car includes car insurance if not buy temporary car insurance from the rental car agency. Choose the option of getting insurance from the car rental company if you do not have the requisite coverage in your existing car insurance policy. With a well-known company, you will most likely be assured of better services and better car insurance coverage. This may be the most economical method, depending on the number of days you plan to rent the vehicle, and usually the easiest and most cost-effective method.

If you plan to use car of your friends, colleagues or company; ask if have car insurance coverage. It is likely that their insurance policy may cover protections for anyone driving their car. It is better to be safe than sorry later.

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