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Reader Question What is Texas SR 22 Auto Insurance and How Can You Get A SR-22 Claim Form?

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That is a great question and I actually had to go and do some research on that myself. I know that if you have ever been convicted of a DUI/DWI in the state of Texas you are required by law to obtain this special…and costly car insurance coverage.

For the state of Texas SR-22 insurance – this is a certificate of proof that you do have car insurance coverage and that your insurance carrier is aware of your situation and their inherent risk involved.

Although Texas SR-22 car insurance is not really what you would call “high risk” auto insurance. It is motor vehicle liability insurance which requires the insurance company to certify coverage to the state of Texas, and your car insurance provider must inform the state anytime the policy is canceled, terminated by you or lapses due to non payment. This kind of sounds like a bail bond to me!

From what I understand this type of coverage is not easy to obtain and can be pretty costly. The banner at the top of this page for my favorite insurance company can usually get this type of SR22 coverage for a reasonable rate. Try them out there are no obligations and the quotes are free.

Hope this helps……I learned something anyway.

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