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Do you have a driver sixteen years old or seventeen years old? If you do, you better brace yourself for this piece of information. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA) department Foundation for Traffic Safety study, July and August, the popular summer months, are among the deadliest months of the year for teenage drivers.

However, the study shows that if the parents of these teenage drivers make sure that driving restrictions are maintained, the crash rate can be lowered by approximately 20 per cent. Those teens who observe these restriction rules have lesser chances of meeting accidents and crashes, compared to those who simply ignore these traffic and driving rules.

All of these were products of analysis of the said group. They serene data from a range of states which held nighttime and passenger restrictions for drivers who were 16 years old. They also compared data to those states which did not have these restrictions.

Brad Roeber is the president for the AAA Chicago Region. He states, “Summer vacation for teens often means unstructured schedules, less guidance from mom and dad, and more exposure to crashes. Enforcing safe driving rules that include passenger and nighttime limits is essential in keeping your teen and others safe on the road.”

The study also exposed that factors that worked their way to make a distinction those teenagers who were already involved in crashes and those teenagers who were yet still to meet an accident. These factors included the conformity with state laws on driving, observance of traffic regulations and rules, as well as association of parents.

Roeber backed this finding out by saying, “Teens whose parents take an active role, obey traffic rules and regulations, and follow graduated driver licensing (GDL) requirements are much less likely to crash. Just think how many lives we could save with the combination of the right laws and parental involvement.”

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