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Teen Car Insurance

Reader’s Question:

How much is the car insurance for a sixteen year old girl?



There’s a numerous variables and computations which go into an auto insurance rate, so to learn how much insurance coverage is likely to run you, we will have to find out much more about you.

You may do not yet possess a vehicle or are not prepared to obtain a quote, but simply would like some basic information on the price of auto insurance for a sixteen year old teenage lady

A teen’s insurance plan typically costs between $1200 and $2500 annually. As a female teenager your rates can be a bit much less compared to your male equal, if you have a clean driving history.

Generally, and also this is a huge generalization, with your age you generally can anticipate to pay for approximately 2.52 times the base rate for auto insurance coverage. Therefore if your folks pay $500 for a year of auto insurance, then as a newly licensed sixteen year old, you will probably pay around $1000 for a yr of auto insurance.

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