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Suzuki Maruti Bent Frame After Accident

Reader Question
I have a Maruti Suzuki 800, standard version. It was first bought in October, 2003 and i bought it from an authorized reseller in January 2008. So far it has clocked 31000km.

Recently, the car had a major accident, the front left wheel hit the curb, thus it was damaged and also the wheel shaft was bent.

It was repaired at a authorised service station, and the wheel shaft was apprently straightened/changed. However after getting repaired, still there is unequal space between the front wheels and the body along the lateral side. The difference is almost about a 2 cm.

I checked it with the repair station and they say that its not a problem. I rechecked it with another station, and they said, that the wheel shaft has been wrongly fitted(left wheel attached to right side of the shaft and vice versa).

I would to hear from you and mainly require to answers…

1. is this some kind of a major problem? (space being different between front right and front left wheel and the body along lateral sides)

2. can the wheel shaft be fitted wrongly?

3. what are the implications?


Bangalore, India

Hi there Suchismita,

The axle shaft is most likely NOT the problem here. I would suspect you still have other bent suspension parts on the front left side of the vehicle, like the control arms for example.

This repair is probably best done by a body shop or collision repair shop (a shop that deals mainly with wrecked vehicles) since there will most likely be “frame damage” although you really do not have an actual “frame” on this vehicle, you have a uni-body construction like most other vehicles on the road today.

So, I would advise you to take this car to a body shop that does frame and body repair AND that has a 4 wheel alignment machine so they can make sure the “frame” is straight and will not wear out your tires. If they don’t have an alignment machine you are just wasting your time…..find a shop that does.

Austin Davis

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