Air Conditioner Not Cold In My Suzuki Grand Vitara – Just Hot Air

Reader Question Hi I hope you can help as its really hot here in Florida.
My Suzuki started blowing warm air. I went to put in a can of R134 and the gauge inline (on can ) said pressure on low side was 100..I know its suppose to be around 30-45 pounds also, the FREON would not go in.

I don’t see anything in sight glass…it used to be like a white foam. Now, nothing..all lines touched are warm with ac cold air coming out…compressor and fan turn on. Ever since I bought this car, the compressor runs constantly..I have NEVER seen it shut off..why is this so?

I did not evacuate system but never had a problem before.
THANKS any help much appreciated. Also, why is the LOW side high in pressure and does this car have an expansion valve? I cannot find it.

Hello there

I have a gut feeling this compressor is not pumping, and has died. If you can hook up high and low side gauges you would probably see that they are about equal PSI, which means the compressor is not doing anything at all.

If the compressor clutch is turning, you should see some action on either the high or low side, and the pressures should be different. Get a local mechanic to verify this before you just run out and replace this compressor though.

There should be an expansion valve on the side of the evaporator inside the dash. I don’t have a manual in front of me, but I would assume this system uses an expansion valve and it is located on the evaporator like most Japanese vehicles.


Austin Davis

Reader Follow up PS I can visually see the compressor turning and coming on along with both still think the Compressor is bad? I turned the front of the compressor by hand and it turns easy compared to my other car?? Seems like no resistance when I turn it? I did not get to hook up both gauges but low side reads like 90-100..psi 🙁 Bummer


Hello again

That is my hunch anyway….the compressor is turning but nothing is really happening internally.


Austin Davis

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