Does My Subaru Have a Blown Head Gasket?

Think you might have a blown head gasket? Watch this short video to see.

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Hi Austin,

I have a 2000 Subaru, in July 2008 I had the head gaskets redone, now less then one year later my car overheated and the mechanic put in a new radiator but it is still over heating, so he now says I need to pay another $2,000 and get the head gaskets done again, Can this be right? he says that because the radiator was 9 yrs old it just went bad and that is why it over heated,
Thanks Marti

Hey there Marti

I would DEFINITELY get a second opinion preferably from the dealership or Subaru specialist on this before you do anything. A simple cooling system pressure test can prove if you have a head gasket or other internal engine damage. If the engine overheated long enough, yes, you could have head gasket issues and a restricted radiator can be the cause of the overheating.

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Austin Davis

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  1. FT says:

    Can anyone tell if i can still add head gasket sealant, if i had added it first time my gasket went bad? It’s been about 8 months, and the car is overheating again.


  2. lha says:

    I agree with Austin,I have been there,done that.You would probably have better luck buying a new rad. than messing with a bad one[in the old days,they would take it apart,rod it out,and it would be like new.You need to have the head flat[milled],but not too much.I had to put a shim on my engine to keep it from interfering.

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