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SR22 Insurance Cost

Reader’s Question:

Does Sr22 causes your car insurance to increase?



An SR-22 insurance has no effect on your insurance costs specifically, but there’s a fee connected with filing SR22 the form with the state.

Generally, it costs around fifteen to twenty five dollars more for your filing fee, according to the state. This is just a one-time fee that you’ll need to pay once you buy your insurance policy. You won’t need to carry on and pay the filing fee each and every renewal of your car insurance, unless of course you allow your insurance policy lapse. The only real time you’ll have to pay the fee again is when you let your insurance policy to lapse and your auto insurance provider needs to re-file the SR-22 for you. A filing fee for SR22 is billed for every person SR-22 filed with the state. Should you as well as your kid or husband or wife both require an SR-22 then you’ll pay two filing fees.

Numerous motorists do notice a rise in car insurance rates if they buy an SR-22 insurance since they’re required to obtain higher limits and even buy insurance coverage which they did not have. Higher limits are more expensive and hence the indirect expense of having the SR-22 (with increased limits) leads to a rise in insurance costs.

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