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2001 Spyder Eclipse – How Much Should A Timing Belt and 60K Service Cost

Reader Question hi. i am a girl, so repairing my car I think will cost me more…

I drive a 2001 Spyder eclipse. with 65,000

very where i call gives me a stupid number. i know you are busy, but ok what are the average prices to these things…. and i read your articles about reading in between the lines when comparing to dealers and like midas.

1. tune-ups…does this include oil changes.

2. 60,000 service

3. timing belt

4. serpentine belt

5. front end alignment

I just need prices on average and also what i should be asking in terms of what it includes when being done

thanks ALOT!


Yo yo yo yo yo Christine,

How are ya? Ya….it’s sad but true that girls tend to get taken advantage of especially at the repair shop.

I’m guessing at these prices because they will vary widely from shop to shop in YOUR area, let alone in Houston where I am using my labor rate of $70 a hour.

1. tune-ups… .does this include oil changes. – some shops include an oil change in a tune up, but I would not call it a “tune up per say” if you need an oil change get one, but I don’t add it into the price. I think most shops who do this do it because it makes you think you are getting more for your money than just spark plugs…but in your case a tune up is basically spark plugs and spark plug wires and the labor to install them. About $175 for a 4 cylinder, and $270 for a 6 cylinder engine

2. 60,000 service – at the dealership probably about $290 but what you really want to know is what is included in the service and what will the charge be to repair the items that are additional to the 60K miles service…..the 60K service is a great way to get the customer to pay the shop to inspect the car from head to toe…….and hopefully find things wrong with it and charge the customer more money to repair it.

For instance, they will look at your brakes in the service, but if you need to replace your brakes that will be an additional charge… be aware that there is a very good chance that you will spend much more than the 60K quote. If you don’t really care about sticking with the dealership and the 60 K service…you can pay your local mechanic to do a general inspection of the vehicle……at a much smaller charge, and tell you what you should do now and what is going to be needed in the near future.

I made my own maintenance schedules, you are welcome to print them out and take them to your mechanic

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