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Sportback Audi RS3

During the last two days we have thoroughly analyzed the last of the members of the RS range of Audi, the Sportback Audi RS3 . We have seen the outside, inside and we talked about everything related to your engine, its performance and feel that conveys who sits behind the wheel.

Today we got to the part that touches us all we shell offers Sportback Audi RS3 in terms of equipment is concerned. Developed by quattro GmbH , Audi’s subsidiary in charge of the sportiest models, thetop end of the A3 family is adequately equipped from the factory, which is necessary when you consider its price.

As usual in this type of vehicle premium , which is more likely to have the optional equipment , whose long list going to browse a little later. What’s more, the division Audi exclusive offers directly whatever we please .

The Sportback Audi RS3 series costs 55,900 euros , but if we start to add some extras easily triple the price of a basic Audi A3 Sportback (access to the range) and exceed 70,000 euros. Its main competitor is more expensive and less equipped.

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe which tested a month ago Hector Ares is the model M offers cheaper thanBMW , but still costs 56,500 euros serial, around 700 euros more than the RS3 Sportback, the latter being much better equipped. Wheel drive, dual-clutch shift S-Tronic …

Factory share elements such as xenon headlights , leather upholstery, multifunction steering wheel or19-inch wheels . Although competitors, both cars are different concepts. The 1 Series M is simpler (rear-wheel drive, manual …) but both the AWD and the automatic change of RS3 are things you have to pay how can it be that yet more expensive BMW?

Among the standard equipment of the RS3 Sportback find, as already mentioned, light alloy wheels of 19 inches (with the same design as those of this unit, although they cost 260 euros in additional red),xenon plus headlights with running lights Daylight LED , multifunction leather sports steering wheel,sports seats in Fine Nappa leather …

Both the automatic climate control two areas as the mode button Sport (get a hoarse sound of the exhaust and improved throttle response and change), the Hill-start assistant, the rear parking sensors, anti-theft or Team Radio Chorus , complete the offer from the factory.

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