It Takes Forever To Fill Up Gas In My Car Fuel Tank

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This is Donald again and I am still having problems with the gas tank on my 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo it does not want to take fuel you fill it up until you see the gas and then you have to let it slowly drain down and then fill it up again and let it go down and so on so forth it has gotten worse you have to hold the nozzle out of the car even to watch it.

Do you think that one of the hoses would have something plugging one of them or something because we replaced the carbon canister and some cylinoid already and it is doing the same thing yet so I don’t know if it is the fill hose of vent hose if one is plugged with something or if it is the refueling control valve.

What do you think I am taking it to get checked out tomorrow I think please let me know what you think and could you find out how much a refueling control valve is just for a estimate please. Please email me back as soon as possible and let me know what you think the problem might be. Thanks Donald

Hi there Donald

I would drop the fuel tank down and inspect the FILL and VENT hoses. If you don’t see anything visually wrong or kinked with the hoses going to the tank, I would remove the fuel tank from the vehicle and inspect inside at the fuel pump and make sure it is securely fashioned to the tank itself and not sloshing around inside the tank.

In most cases like this one of the rubber hoses that either fill the tank with fresh fuel or a smaller vent hose is kinked or restricted somehow not allowing the fuel vapors to escape the tank, thus not allowing new fuel to enter the tank quickly.

Austin Davis

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