Should You Buy a Cheap Car Battery

cheap car batteryI need to replace my battery, should I just buy a cheap car battery at Walmart or should I bite the bullet and buy one from the dealership?  2005 Ford F150 with a V8.


Donald D.


Hi Donald,


Good question!  Let me ask you one question. Did your battery die unexpectedly and leave you stranded or in need of a jump or charge?  Most cases, a car battery will just quit….one day it works, next day you are late for work (again, but with an honest excuse…unless you used that one lately)

So, if your current battery just gave up the ghost, do you want to buy a cheap car battery now and save $20 or would you rather have a little more piece of mind next time?

I’m an old school guy, taught by old school mechanics and BIGGER Is better still. I want a car battery that I have to carry with both hands…has some lead in it. Try it, pick up one battery, maybe a cheaper one, then pick up a “premium” battery. Was one much heavier..usually is.

You want the heavier battery. Compare the new battery to your old battery, presumably the old one was not a cheap battery to begin with. If the weight is about the same and it comes with a warranty of at least 1 year full replacement then you want that battery.

If the new battery is lighter than your current battery, you don’t want it.  The more lead the better.

I also like a sealed battery, where you do not have to add water constantly, because if you are like most you won’t.

Cheap air filters….great

Cheap oil filters….usually ok

Cheap fan belts….ok

Cheap car battery….not so good.

Also, a brand that you know of or have heard of and that has a nationwide warranty is best. Also also, keep the cold cranking amps the same or HIGHER than your replacement battery.  More CCA, the more lead and usually the stronger output and lifespan of the battery.

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  1. Roy says:

    I went to Walmart today and wanted to buy cheap car battery for my old truck and the battery they had on sale was soooo light weight, I decided it was not worth the trouble or expense and bought a good name brand battery. should save me hassles in the future I hope

    • Austin Davis says:

      Yes I agree with your theory. I too like to pick up and feel the total weight of the battery before I buy or install it. If it feels light, I put it down and buy the heavier feeling battery.

  2. Andrea says:

    Yep, I bought a cheap car battery last year, and another one this year. Not sure how much money I have saved, let me count it……nothing. yayaya

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